Langdale Falls

Sunday I hiked up to Langdale Falls in Sprockids Park not far from the Langdale ferry terminal. After a 45 minute uphill hike from the base until reaching the upper level of the falls I arrived at the top of a steep downhill path where a rope attached to a tree led the way. Carefully I lowered myself down to the base of the falls along with my backpack and camera. Once at the bottom I enjoyed the spectacular view of the falls and surrounding forest and pulled out my Olympus EM-1 with 12 to 40mm f2.8 lens. I composed a series of photos playing with different shutter speeds for different flowing water effects finally deciding on 1/13 second as my favourite. Although I used to like long exposure views of fast moving water for the “glassy, etherial” look, I now prefer capturing the water’s movement combining smooth flow plus action, which means using a shutter speed a bit faster without being too fast where the effect is gone. After a snack and restful stay, I made my way back to the top of the path by pulling myself up with the rope.

Feel the presence

Wait silently with anything, and you will discover a new phenomenon which was always there, but of which you were not alert – not aware of it. Your mind will become completely silent as you feel the presence of the ever-living existence. You will be just a part in it, just a note in the great symphony. No burden, no tension...the drop has fallen into the ocean. ~ Osho

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