Rail fence, autumn flowers and golden leaves

Rail fence and golden leaves

A wooden fence, autumn flowers and golden leaves make for a picturesque image of rural BC.

Two weeks ago I was driving along highway 97 from Salmon Arm to Vernon BC enjoying the scenic drive complete with golden autumn colours when I came across a ranch that was fenced with wooden rails. I stopped along the side of the highway to admire this picturesque scene and grabbed my Canon 5D Mark II and 70-200mm f2.8 lens which is great for it’s shallow depth of field and for compressing an image. The The autumn flowers caught my eye and I framed the image combining the elements of the fence, flowers and fall leaves. I played with the depth of field doing a number of exposures so I could decide later what I preferred and chose this particular image as my favourite.

Feel the presence

Wait silently with anything, and you will discover a new phenomenon which was always there, but of which you were not alert – not aware of it. Your mind will become completely silent as you feel the presence of the ever-living existence. You will be just a part in it, just a note in the great symphony. No burden, no tension...the drop has fallen into the ocean. ~ Osho

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