The discernment of truth

How can we recognize truth when there are so many versions of that concept available on this planet, especially when it comes to spiritual and religious truths? Some truths are so diverse that one can wonder how it is possible that all these distinct versions can exist side by side and yet be so completely different, contained on one tiny planet within an infinite universe? Each version, of course, believes that it is the absolute truth. So how is it possible to decide which one is the ultimate truth? Isn’t there only supposed to be one truth, the truth as spoken by God? Surely you can understand my quandary. I am an open minded person who has spent his life seeking truth. Mind you I’m no longer attached to any one version, preferring to look into the face of life and see what truth may actually look like. Of course my perception of truth will probably be completely different than yours, as much as everyone has been influenced by a vast number of experiences.

Is it possible for diametrically opposed truths to exist together in harmony? Quantum mechanics seems to think so. Perhaps that explains why there are so many combinations of truth on this one celestial body, this tiny speck within a universe that is incomprehensible in size. Religions certainly can’t agree on what truth is. Scientific theorists often disagree. Politicians now believe there are alternative facts that allow substantial leeway in describing the substance of truth. Such is the uniqueness of the human mind. You can pretty much believe what you want and insist it is truth, especially on the internet. Never in the history of mankind has truth become so diverse in content, but of course there never has been seven billion people living on this planet at the same time before.

Physics says that white light includes all light. There are millions of colours within the spectrum of light and when combined at their peak of brightness white light results. Can this not be true when it comes to statements of truth? If there is such a thing as unity, then is it not possible that oneness contains and accepts all truths since God has created everything? So who are we to judge what God accepts as truth or not just because we believe that our particular truth is infallible? Then there is another possibility that God does not exist at all or so says another belief that some feel is truth.

For example, I have arrived at the conclusion through personal experience, teaching and belief that reincarnation is true. I have had memories of past lives. Respected spiritual teachers have talked from their experience that reincarnation is true. Yet there are those who say it is not possible, that there is only one life and that in fact reincarnation is absolutely impossible and is an illusion. So what to believe? Here are two diametrically opposed truths existing together. If quantum mechanics is true then is it possible that both these concepts are correct? Both truths have been thoroughly explained and accepted as truth. Is it possible for both to be correct even though they are in complete disagreement?

Consider the consequences of all truths having value no matter what they are? Is it possible that they compliment each other just as red compliments cyan on the colour spectrum? Could it be that God is the peak highlight of all truths, transcending them all in order to achieve unity? Perhaps all truths need to be experienced before transcendence can happen. Perhaps we are not capable of knowing absolute truth from where we are. Perhaps truth is beyond our comprehension which explains why there are so many versions of truth because we don’t really know but like to say we do.

Expanding our perceptions and accepting what is possible beyond our current scope of understanding is the key to accepting everything, even opposing truths. How else can we learn to live in harmony on this planet if we cannot accept our differences? Fighting over what is right or wrong is a futile exercise unless an intervention is necessary because of someone doing physical or emotional harm to another. No one should be allowed to cause pain to another regardless of arguments of right or wrong. Truth is not meant to become a weapon of destruction. We are not here to destroy but rather to create. Just because differences of opinion exist is not an excuse to annihilate one another. But unfortunately the human mind being what it is, the need to be proven right and persuade others to feel the same way is a predominant trait of mankind. I am right and you are wrong. God said I should do this or that and so should you.

In other words within an infinite universe different versions of truth can exist in total harmony. God being the apex of light can absorb all truths and meld them into unity. Therefore Jesus can say one thing, Buddha another and Moses yet another and but they are never in conflict. They compliment each other. Everything on this planet compliments the other. A full spectrum of colour exists allowing for millions of observations and perceptions of the same thing.

The only issue arrives when one observation tries to dominate another. Then anger and frustration result. But perhaps when that happens within the cauldron of discontent another truth is being born. The new grows because of a need for balance. Existence craves balance and harmony, so when disharmony exists, so sprouts a method to create balance. Yes when one is in the midst of turmoil, life certainly does not feel harmonious. But the push to right a wrong is the desire to return to harmony which on a planet of seven billion people is obviously not an easy task. That is, however the goal. Creation at some point will endeavour balance to exist whether we like it or not and truth will find a new means of expression.

Feel the presence

Wait silently with anything, and you will discover a new phenomenon which was always there, but of which you were not alert – not aware of it. Your mind will become completely silent as you feel the presence of the ever-living existence. You will be just a part in it, just a note in the great symphony. No burden, no tension...the drop has fallen into the ocean. ~ Osho

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