Presence Blog

One day it occurred to me that Spirit wanted to speak through me. Because I can type quickly and accurately it also came to me that if I allowed myself to empty my mind and tune in, Spirit could write through me. And so began a journey of channeling spirit through the written word. One may ask how do I know this is so and all I can say is that I trust it is so. Until now I have felt these were personal messages but then it came to me that I needed to share these messages. And so evolved this website that is a labour of love to express who I am through words and photography.


Feel the presence

Wait silently with anything, and you will discover a new phenomenon which was always there, but of which you were not alert – not aware of it. Your mind will become completely silent as you feel the presence of the ever-living existence. You will be just a part in it, just a note in the great symphony. No burden, no tension...the drop has fallen into the ocean. ~ Osho

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