The energy of presence

We are energy. We are spirit in a body. Spirit is pure energy. The body is matter that needs nourishment to survive but the energy that drives the body comes from the spirit inhabiting the body. The more connected we are to the energy of spirit, the more energy we have. If we are disconnected from spirit, then our energy is low and possibly depressed. When we are connected without the mind’s intervention of how life should be, then we are full of energy. We can eat all the energy foods we like, but if we are disconnected from spirit our energy will still be low and possibly sickly. Food keeps our bodies healthy but it is our spirit that keeps us energized. When we are in alignment with spirit, we will be as the saying goes, “in high spirits”.

Maintaining our level of energy is a constant exercise in connection. Yes it is always great to do ceremony, meditate or attend a workshop, but those doings are only temporary. You can get high connecting to energy through a full moon ceremony and then you go home energized and slowly the energy dissipates and you are back to where you were waiting for the next event. I used to find myself existing within that conundrum until something clicked inside and I realized that I could connect to that energy any time I wanted. Yes issues arise that pull us away from the energy to become involved with the challenges of every day earthly life, but I learned to bring myself back to the source of my energy. Now I can call that energy up any time I choose, absolutely anywhere. All l have to do is feel it. I can do this because I know that it is always there. That energy is who I really am. My body is only the container that allows me to live on this planet. One day this body will die and the energy that I am will leave and go elsewhere. So I will go. That energy is connected with the source. You can call it the source of all that is, you can call it God, you can call it existence or The Great Mystery. The choice is yours but the energy is one and the same.

Anyone can tap into this energy. It is freely available. The only thing stopping you is you. Either you are unaware of what I am even talking about or you are aware but there are stumbling blocks that prevent you from connecting such as emotions, beliefs or perhaps your environment. Once you have tasted that energy, you can learn to access it anywhere, anytime. I can help you with that if you choose to contact me. Or you can learn to connect anyway you choose through meditation, through prayer, through doing workshops or however you choose. I guarantee you, though, that once you have tasted what energy feels like, you will never feel the same. You will never look at life the same.

Energy does not come from the physical planet itself. We do not get energy from trees, the moon or mountains. We get energy from connecting with the energetic source of the trees, moon or mountains. That energy connects with our spirit energy that connects to the energy of the source of all that is. The physical aspect is but a mirror of that energy. It is not the energy. You see a tree that is so beautiful, but it is the tree’s energy that forms the tree. The tree is a mirror of its energetic source as we are. Loggers only see the superficial tree that for them means money. If they took a moment to feel the presence of that tree they might think twice about what they were doing. Would they chop down one of their people friends or kill a dog? Probably not. A shift of perspective is what is required.

The energy I am referring to encompasses the planet. It does not judge whether you are good or bad, whether you are religious or spiritual or not. It is simply there. You can feel its love, its radiance or not. The choice is yours. You can meditate on it or pray or make war. It makes no difference to the energy. Love makes you feel whole while war tears you apart. This planet has not come to grips on how destructive it is considering all the love that is surrounding it that is being ignored because of petty differences. Love is always here. The Great Mystery is here, has always been here. The Source of All That Is, God, is the energy that surrounds and is this planet. It is you. It has nothing to do with scriptures or religious laws. God does not care about such things. Love is here to all who choose to connect with it. God is here to all who choose to connect with that presence.

Feel the presence

Wait silently with anything, and you will discover a new phenomenon which was always there, but of which you were not alert – not aware of it. Your mind will become completely silent as you feel the presence of the ever-living existence. You will be just a part in it, just a note in the great symphony. No burden, no tension...the drop has fallen into the ocean. ~ Osho

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